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November 3, 2012

Since we launched the Dreamboard dream journal in private beta we have received a lot of valuable feedback from our users. Some feedback has been nothing short of enthusiastic, some has highlighted shortcomings, some has pointed us towards important features. All has been immensely useful. We thank you for it. Keep it coming!

Here’s a selection of comments that make us particularly proud.

Patrick McNamara, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and the author of numerous books and articles on the science of dreams:

“One of the most impressive smartphone apps that I have seen is Dreamboard. […]  The power of this tool to investigate dream functions, including memory processing in dreams is clearly tremendous.  That power will increase as the numbers of users of Dreamboard increases and the number of longitudinal dream series increases.”

One of our Facebook followers:

“Terrific.  I am a psychologist with am interest in dreams and I’ve enjoyed using Dreamboard so far.  It has stimulated my dream recall, too!”

Book Princess:

@Dreamboard I just love the concept of your website! Very simple and beautiful.”

Diana DeBord:

“Your dream journal is private so other people can view your dreams only if you decide to share them.  The most interesting thing about Dreamboard is that it aggregates all your data giving you an overall interpretation: the day you dream the most, if your dreams are most pleasant or ghastly, the things or people you dream the most.”


“It also happens to be well-designed and quite a pleasure to use.”

Comment from beta tester:

“Overall it’s a fun way to record and reflect upon dreams. Congratulations to the team!”


“Just got invited to @dreamboard and tracked my first dream. This is gonna be useful.”

Another Facebook follower:



@Dreamboard this is great!”


“Fantastic new way to journal your dreams.”


“I didn’t realize that @Dreamboard was literally a dream journal. Amazing! The perfect tool for my vivid dreams :)”


@Dreamboard is pretty impressive. Mush easier than pen and pencil dream-journaling. Can’t wait to see what they add to their site.”

Track your dreams to discover yourself. Make dreamboard.com your destination for recording, understanding and learning from your dreams.


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