Using Dreamboard: The dream symbols in your dream journal

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February 5, 2013

One of the activities you can enjoy in Dreamboard is studying the symbols in the dreams you have recorded.

There are many theories about why certain things emerge in our dreams. Dreamboard symbol taxonomy and descriptions are the result of the multi-disciplinary work and research of psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists.

Dreamboard dream journal symbol waterfall

Dreamboard is designed to give you an online record of your dreams that, over time, is enhanced with new features that enrich your journal and your experience recording your dreams. The Dream Symbols feature is one of these. It actually becomes more useful as the size of your journal grows because it helps you identify recurring elements of your dreams. Also, we continue to add new symbols every day to keep up with what everyone is recording.

Here is how the Dream Symbols feature works in your Dreamboard dream journal.

When you are recording your dream, make sure to add specific elements, such as places and objects, you remember from the dream. Was there a cat or a dog? A car? A forest? A room with a door? Simply type each element into the area labeled People, Places and Things and press “enter” after each word. Dreamboard will immediately recognize Symbol keywords as you type and add a small icon next to the keyword.

Now, finish the rest of the form and save the dream. As you browse your dream journal or look into the details of one of your dreams, you will be able to click each Symbol icon and learn more about what that symbol might represent.

Let’s say you entered “cat” in one of your dreams. Click the word and a small box appears. It tells you how many times you have dreamed of a cat and in which of your dreams a cat appears. Plus, you can read a description of what some dream scientists may think about what it means when a cat appears in a dream.

Dreamboard dream symbols screenshot


Some things you enter in People, Places and Things may not have a symbol in our database yet – but we’ll get there. In the meantime, you’ll still see how many times you dream of a particular thing on your Dreamboard dashboard.

By the way: did you know that the most dreamt-about symbols in Dreamboard are a house, a car and water?

Symbol descriptions are available only to registered Dreamboard users, so if you haven’t done it yet, create your account at!



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