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August 21, 2013

Hi Dreamboarders,

Trust you’re all enjoying the summer and hope it has been rich and productive for your dreams?

We at Dreamboard have been working very hard this summer on the plans to develop the Dreamboard concept and to offer you a more interesting and captivating Dreamboard experience in the future. We hope to be in a position to communicate these with you on the next few months so, be ready for a lot of news this next fall.

Be ready for a big surprise

We are preparing a very big surprise for our users and all those who are  passionate about dreams and dream-related research, so keep on following us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss it!

Our technical staff, moreover, is working on innovations and new features to add to the Dreamboard mobile app that will benefit current and future Dreamboarders. Please help us by giving us your suggestions about how your experience with Dreamboard mobile could be improved. Just comment this post or send an email to We will be delighted to read your suggestions and take them into consideration for future developments!

Technical work in progress

The community of Dreamboarders around the world has kept growing faster than our initial expectations, and we are commited to guaranteeing everyone of you a positive experience when using Dreamboard.

As a result of your feedback and comments, our developers are working hard on important changes to our technical infrastructure in order to improve the performance  of both the Dreamboard website and mobile application.

These technical issues may have impacted accesss and use of your dream journals in the last few weeks and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We ask you to be patient as we monitor the situation and do everything necessary to make sure everything works properly.

We are implementing more aggressive database redundancy and backup policies to minimize the likelihood of any similar problems in the future. The Dreamboard website and application will be improved and running glitch free within a few weeks.

We can assure you we are working as hard as we can to resolve these issues and safeguard this for the future. We hope we can maintain your trust and use during this period.

Obviously you can contact us for any problems with Dreamboard mobile or the website by using the same email address ( or by using the Uservoice tool.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement and keep on dreaming!


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