Some curiosities about dreams

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July 8, 2013

Hi Dreamboarders,

since dreams are the main interest of our community, we would like to continue to speak about how they has been considered during the history of human kind.

For example, did you know that the first quote about a dream is contained in the T’ung Shu, an ancient chinese book dated on 1020 BC?

Also for the American Indians the dreams were very important, indeed the name received when a young boy or girl became an adult came from a dream in which every one got in touch with the animal that gave the person its features.

Different cultural trends, during the course of history, have had a different view of the oneiric experience.

Dreams are an unlimited source of inspiration for literates of every age. For the Romantics the dream was very important especially as a creative energy. Von Schubert, romantic author and philosopher, wrote in 1814 The Symbolism of Dreams, in which he said that when someone fall asleep his mind start to think in an “images language”, in contrast with the one of the wakefulness.

After the Romantic period, at the end of 1800, started the scientific researches on dreams, based on the observation.

From there originated a long history of scientific studies on sleep and dreams that continue nowadays.

But a dream is, first of all, a personal experience, so maybe everyone of us has a own vision of this phenomenon. And you? What are dreams for you?

We are sure that by using Dreamboard you can discover more about your dreams and your inner self. So keep on tracking or start joining our community!



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