Scientific advisors

Our current Scientific Advisory Board is an international team of recognized dream experts and research scientists. As individuals and as a group they have understood Dreamboard’s great potential for helping people and are committed to a scientific approach to oneiric activity, with several potential applications in various fields including health care, medicine, neuroscience, psychology, growth gaming, self-help, mindfulness, and others. We at Dreamboard are proud of their numerous individual achievements and excited about the directions we are taking to achieve our common goal: helping people lead happier lives.

Patrick McNamara

Patrick McNamara, Ph.D, is Chief Scientific Advisor of Dreamboard. He is Associate Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and Dissertation Chair at Northcentral University. He has been active in the study of sleep and dreams for two decades. He has won NIH awards to study sleep and dreams, including recent awards to study the phylogenetic roots of sleep and the processing differences between REM and NREM sleep mentation. He has published dozens of papers on all aspects of dreams as well as several books on sleep and dreams. He maintains the Psychology Today online blog on sleep and dreams and is currently working on counterfactual simulations in dreams

Bruno G. Bara

Professor Bruno Bara, Dreamboard Scientific Advisor, M.D., Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, is Director of the Center for Cognitive Science, Director of the Center for NeuroImaging, Director of the Schools of Cognitive Psychotherapy of Como and Torino and professor of Psychology at Turin University, Italy. Bruno Bara has been visiting Professor at the International Computer Science Institute, University of California at Berkeley for the first time in 1997 and then in 1998 and 2012. His research focuses on Mental Models of Deduction, Cognitive Pragmatics, the Therapist/client relation.