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August 27, 2012

Members of the Dreamboard team attended a recent meetup of Quantified Self in Mountain View, California.  Hosted by Singularity University, which shares a campus with NASA, Carnegie Mellon and the University of California-Santa Cruz, among other organizations, the gathering attracted people from a wide variety of professional disciplines, not just scientific.  They are all interested in learning the optimal ways to use technology in tracking things like sleep, exercise, diet and mood.

Quantified Self invites people to share the methods and results of their records, and the meetings have exploded around the world.  The Silicon Valley meetup featured reports from people tracking various treatments for depression and different ways to cope with sleep disorders, for example.  And now Quantified Self is expanding the focus from individual self-tracking to larger population projects by inviting participants to select studies that build upon the “show & tell” meetings that are so popular.

The Dreamboard team is thinking about ways our users can participate through us – linking and correlating, for example, the study of dream data to studies about sleep, health and job performance.  Since Quantified Self emphasizes tracking and sharing, quite a bit of solid benchmarking occurs between seemingly unrelated topics.  So we’re looking forward to our participation in the upcoming QS conference at Stanford University, where people from around the world will gather under the auspices of Quantified Self to present their projects.  For Dreamboard and our users, the potential is great.  We’re considering different possibilities, so watch this space for news in this regard.

In the meantime, make sure to add the Quantified Self blog to your reading list, let us know what you think, and do share any ideas and suggestions with us, by submitting a comment.

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