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November 15, 2013

Hi Dreamboarders,

How are things? Are you still tracking your dreams?

Since we know you are passionate about dreams, we’d like to share the following thoughts with you.

First of all, how many times have you taken a moment to ask yourself what your dreams mean? It’s natural to wonder what they are trying to tell us, especially if you have recurring dreams.

It’s a little like when you fall in love with somebody – at first you probably aren’t even aware or you don’t want to admit that you have feelings for a certain person. It’s also common to meet someone who, at first sight, seems really annoying and then, maybe months or years later, you have to admit to yourself that you admire or are perhaps even a little jealous of that person.

Probably your unconscious had been trying to tell you this for a long time, but you were always too busy or distracted to listen. So you just kept on with your normal life, acting as if nothing in particular was happening, until one day you found yourself faced with a stark new reality.

We at Dreamboard are here to remind you that people can learn to listen to their unconscious, without any help from fortune tellers or interpreters, by looking instead at their dreams. There’s no need to ask someone to interpret your dreams for you – your dreams are yours alone. They are representations that your mind has created only for you, starting with your feelings and emotions.

By using Dreamboard, thanks to the feedback that the application gives you and the opportunity to read, day by day, your dream journal, you can understand more about yourself and – who knows, you may even discover a secret love!

Why not start now? It’s a challenge for both you and for us – a path we will take together toward your inner self and the wellness of your mind and body.


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