Information about technical issue on February 14

Pubblished by Dream Team on Dreamboard Inc. Technical Information
February 17, 2013

We want to inform our users about a technical issue that may have (temporarily) impacted access to their dream journal.

During the night between February 14 and 15, a technical issue on our production database caused the temporary unavailability of some of the dreams in the Dreamboard database. Users may have noticed that some or all of their dreams were no longer accessible in their dream journal.

Our technical team immediately identified the issue and implemented our recovery procedures. In a matter of a few hours the issue was addressed and resolved. Users can rest assured that no data was transfered outside of Dreamboard and that this issue did not impact in any way any account personal data or user emails. Users data and their dreams are and have always been secure.

Users should now be able access their dream journals normally. However, if you recorded a dream between 4 pm PST on February 14 and 4 am PST on February 15  and are still encountering any issues, please contact us at

We are very sorry about any problem our users may experience because of this issue. Following this issue we are implementing more aggressive database redundancy and backup policies to minimize the likelihood of a similar problem in the future.  We work as hard as we can to gain our users trust and look forward to continue to earn it every day.

Your Dreamboard Team


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