How to create a dream journal with Dreamboard

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July 2, 2012

We invented Dreamboard to make it easy to keep a dream journal.

Most people, at one time or another, have thought about keeping a dream journal.  But they don’t know where to begin.  Or maybe they just don’t want to keep pen and paper at their bedsides.  Or perhaps the idea of keeping a journal seems tedious.

Dreamboard is where you begin your dream journal — where you take your journal online — where you have fun recording your dreams. And Dreamboard actually helps you remember the details of your dreams.  Because that’s often the most challenging aspect of recording them.

Here’s how Dreamboard takes you through the process of recording a dream in your very own, private dream journal.

Record your dreams

When you click add new dream, a screen appears to take you through a series of prompts.  They guide you in capturing the main elements of your dream.  Mood, feelings, color, people, places.  You may have thought you couldn’t remember your dream — but by pulling the details out of your memory, dreamboard helps you reconstruct the dream. After you click add this dream, you see a confirmation box that invites you to add a note or simply click OK.

Analyze your dreams

Every time you log in to Dreamboard, and after you add a new dream, the dashboard screen appears to give you a report of the dreams you’ve recorded.  As you add dreams, your report is updated automatically with more and more data — graphing the types of dreams you’ve had, indicating how many times you experience each type of mood, and presenting your recurring dream patterns. At the bottom of the dashboard you see pie charts.  They present other aspects of the dreams you’ve logged.  Over time, it tells you which days of the week are your dreamiest.  And you learn how you compare to other dreamers — all anonymously, of course.

When you create your account and while in the dashboard function, you also have the opportunity to connect your Dreamboard account with your Facebook account so you can easily add your friends to a dream log.  This is completely optional and your journal is always totally private; Dreamboard does not share it with anyone and your friends cannot access it. If you do connect your Dreamboard and Facebook accounts, you will be able to easily add friends to your dreams.

Screenshot Dreamboard dashboard

Browse your dream journal or edit your dreams

When you click your dream journal, which appears at the top of every screen, Dreamboard takes you to your journal.  This is where you can browse your dreams and look them up.  You can visit any dream and add more details as you remember them. Simply click on the dream you want to edit, and Dreamboard takes you to a screen with the dream’s details. Click on edit dream and  you are in a new screen that prompts you for more details.

Dreamboard dream journal

This is how Dreamboard enables you to create a useful dream journal that’s online, fun and accurate.  All reasons to begin looking at yourself through your dreams.

If you’d like to join the private beta of dreamboard, just go to to register for an invitation.  You can begin recording tonight’s dream tomorrow morning.


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