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May 2, 2013

Dreamboard Mobile for Android

We are thrilled to launch today Dreamboard Mobile native app for Android phones. (get it here). The Dreamboard dream journal app is now available as a native app for iOS and Android smartphones and as a browser-based web application on any computer.

Since its lunch in November 2012, Dreamboard has passed added 50,000 users and now more than 100,000 dreams recorded, making Dreamboard one of the largest dream datasets ever compiled.

“We want the Dreamboard digital dream journal to be accessible to everyone, on every computer and device. That’s why we have made Dreamboard Mobile available for Android, the largest mobile platform. The Android app release was already planned, but we had to accelerate its development. Too many Dreamboard users wanted it and let us know loud and clear!” said Umberto Prunotto, Dreamboard Inc.’s Founder and CEO. “We are completely committed to building a product and user experience of superior quality and while we roll out Dreamboard to more platforms, we constantly improve its algorithms and expand on its scientific foundation with the help of Prof. Bruno Bara and his team.”

Fast and easy
Dreamboard’s design has been improved to to help you record details fast, even when you are a bit drowsy. And you can always return later to add details, tags and keywords as they occur to you throughout your day.

Improved graphs and dashboard
Each dream you record with Dreamboard becomes part of your private dream database. We have improved graphs and visualizations of trends in your dreams. We have have improved the way your dreams populate your own colorful dream tree.

Observe dream pattern
At a glance, you can observe trends in your dreaming activity. Dreamboard finds similarities between past dreams, identifies symbols and recurring tags, aggregates dream data and performs statistical analysis in a private dashboard, giving users feedback that helps them develop a better understanding of their dreams over time and in relation to life events.

Click here to get the Android app right now!

(Looking for the iPhone app? Click here!)




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