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July 10, 2012

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Dreamboard is in the third week of our private beta, and we’ve had many questions from users about privacy.  Things like how we use the information they log about their dreams; if they connect to Facebook, whether the details of their dreams get published; if the trends we track are attached to specific users.

Here’s a few things you need to know about your privacy on Dreamboard:

  • Anything you log in your Dreamboard account is handled, stored and administered with your privacy as a priority.
  • You can delete your profile and all the data in your dream journal at any time with the click of a button.
  • Dream journals and individual dreams are private to the dreamer who created them. The only person who can edit or delete a dream is the dreamer. No one — not even a Dreamboard employee — has access to a dreamer’s data without the dreamer’s explicit approval.
  • In the future, dreamers will be able to share dreams with friends and on social networks — but only on a dream-by-dream basis and only by explicit authorization. You will always have full control over the dream sharing function. The default option is ALWAYS private.
  • Dreamboard uses dream data for two purposes:  to deliver content into each dreamer’s personal dashboard and to calculate averages and trends. Dreamboard only processes and presents data in the aggregate; individual dream datapoints are only visible inside a users private dream journal or personal profile.
  • Every dreamer’s data is stored in a secure database server.  The data is protected from access by anyone other than Dreamboard’s system engineers.  Even our administrative, back-office team cannot access a dreamer’s data.

We know dreams can be intimate and personal material and are making sure to always treat them as such. Earning our users’ trust is our number one priority.

Track your dreams to discover yourself. Make dreamboard.com your destination for recording, understanding and learning from your dreams.


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