Dreamboard Mobile for iPhone is “New and Noteworthy”

Pubblished by Dream Team on News
February 19, 2013

Apple thinks Dreamboard Mobile is a New and Noteworthy app in the Health and Fitness category on iTunes. Thank you!

We are thrilled to join apps such as Loose Pants, Sleep Cycle, Sleep by MotionX and LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker.  Digital health and fitness apps hold the promise of more effective, personalized tracking and better insights into our own well-being. We are only at the beginning of exploring the connection between sleep, dreams and overall health – but the tools available to monitor and study sleep patterns, like Zeo, are an inspiration to a company like ours.

Check out Dreamboard Mobile at https://itunes.apple.com/app/dreamboard-mobile/id571848963. If you are already a user, you may want to update your iPhone app now. We have just released several improvements and fixes.

Dreamboard Mobile is a New and Noteworthy app in the Health and Fitness category on iTunes


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