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May 17, 2013

The Quantified Self is a movement that aggregates a worldwide community of professionals, researchers and enthusiasts interested in using technology to monitor different aspects of their daily lives and to accumulate and analyze data in order to improve wellbeing and health.

This growing phenomenon is the center of the QS Conference, an international collaboration of users and makers of self-tracking tool.

Dreamboard has participated in and supported the QS Conference in San Francisco last October and more recently, on May 11,  Luca Mascaro of Dreamboard took the stage to deliver an Ignite Talk on Dream Tracking at the QS Conference Europe in Amsterdam.

Me, myself and I: a dream tracking tale from Luca Mascaro

The european QS Conference was a very exciting and interesting opportunity to learn what people in the community are working and we learned about new projects involving different tools to track our lyfestyle.

There is a great interest in different aspects of healthcare and mental wellness in general. The healthcare costs and performance are a huge and increasing burden on government, business and individuals is very clear to all and prevention, in all its flavors, seems to be a focus of many QS projects.

One of the most important argument which developers of tracking tools are discussing is the accumulation and managing of big data. For sure the great amount of data that the different system are collecting will be used in different ways, but the challenge is to employ them in a scientific way to improve the quality of people’s life.

Mental wellness, in particular, seems to be a very promising field. The battle against anxiety, stress and related, more serious mental illnesses is fought daily by millions of people around the world. On the other hand the mind is very difficult to monitor but the data that can be unlocked by tracking our brain activity while awake or during sleep is fascinating and potentially extremely useful.

Why we dream? How? What? These are questions that everyone has explored at some point in our lives. It is completely logical to expect that the data that can emerge from our dreams can help professionals and the mental health industry produce better treatment and better results.

Dreamboard has joined the QS Movement not only as a simple tracking tool for dreams, but moreover as a different way of thinking about our dreams that are so important to understand our inner self.

Dreamboard archives all the dreams that you posted in interactive diary and gives feedback on each dream in order to help define an overall interpretation of the consecutive series. The feedback is given by comparing aggregate data that will automatically highlight important components (mood, emotion, color, people, places, things, etc.).

There is no way to monitorate the mind like the others organs of our body, because we don’t have appropriate sensors or detectors, so the only way to track our mind is to write down or speak about our feeling or sensations. But there is the key point: the dream is a pure information that combine independently, free from the perceptual filters and cognitive frameworks of the waking state and, for this reason, is so important in order to understand ourselves.

For us at Dreamboard is very important to continue to think and discuss about these issues in an international context, learn from other interesting and forward-thinking people and compare our approach to others. That is why we find ourselves at home at the QS Conference.


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