Dreamboard and the Quantified Self Conference: Bringing the dream journal to the self-tracking movement

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October 8, 2012

Quantified Self Conference 2012

Francesca di Mari writes in a recent blog post for sketchin that self-tracking is a growing phenomenon, a result of the Quantified Self Movement, which began in 2007 directly from the pages of WIRED magazine.  Journalists Kevin Kelly and Gary Wolf first brought to the world’s attention just how far the intersection of technology and human curiosity could go in helping us understand and improve our daily lives.

For Dreamboard, besides being an entertaining way to record our dreams, the specific focus is tracking our dreams to understand ourselves.  We will be absorbing the impact of sponsoring and attending the annual Quantified Self conference, at Stanford University, for a long time.

  • The Quantified Self conference confirmed that there are few limits to what technology can do for us in capturing the details of our existence.
  • We are only at the beginning of exploring the connection between sleep, dreams and the human thought process – but the tools available to monitor and study sleep patterns, like Zeo, are an inspiration to a startup like ours.
  • Dreamboard is committed to participating in the scientific study of dreams, in a way that benefits each of our users individually, protecting privacy and contributing to the bank of information society needs to enhance mental and emotional well-being.  We are more convinced than ever that this can be done.

The dream journal is a longstanding, respected tool used in understanding what is hiding in plain sight in our daily lives.  By using the latest technology to capture the details easily and enable their study and analysis, Dreamboard has taken on a significant responsibility.  Yet we are inspired to participate in the essential conversation about respect for personal boundaries and enabling our users to contribute to scientific study on their terms.

Our participation in the Quantified Self conference affirmed our role in two important areas:  the utility of social Internet technology and the challenge of capturing big data appropriately.  Rather than consider them distinctly separate issues, Dreamboard is dedicated to exploring their relationship – transparently and candidly.

In the meantime, we are preparing for the official launch of the tool in the coming months, and we look forward to sharing the exciting details with you very soon.

Track your dreams to discover yourself. Make dreamboard.com your destination for recording, understanding and learning from your dreams.



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