Did you ever see a dream walking? Dreamboard Mobile is here!

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November 13, 2012

Dreamboard Mobile on iPhone

The focus of Dreamboard’s private beta was to test our technology platform and understand what users need and expect from a digital dream journal.  Listening to the comments of users and dream experts, we prepared for our official launch by taking Dreamboard’s design and technology to the next level.

Today, Dreamboard is introducing an updated interface that works in any web browser – and Dreamboard Mobile for iPhone, the app that makes recording dreams easy, even in a drowsy state.

One of the biggest chores for people who keep a dream journal is writing down what they remember upon waking up.  With Dreamboard Mobile, users can now launch Dreamboard quickly and begin capturing the details of their dreams.  Dreamboard’s engineers improved the underlying analysis and statistical capabilities and expanded storage to accommodate new features and a larger user community.

Dreamboard’s design has been improved to to help users record details faster then ever.  Users can always return later to add details, tags and keywords as they remember them throughout the day.  We also enhanced the interface to employ lighter and more responsive features appropriate to smartphones and tablets.

The symbols and blossoming dream tree make it fun to visit Dreamboard.  We are the first digital dream journal generated with “design-first” qualities for a tranquil user experience that keeps users coming back.

Dreamboard web dashboard


As part of the official launch, Dreamboard has polished features and added new ones:

  • A completely revamped web interface and user interface designed to adapt to any tablet and smartphone browser
  • Very fast and lightweight iPhone app available from the iTunes store
  • Seamless access to the dream journal from any device, browser, tablet, computer and full synchronization with the mobile app
  • Ease of adding a new dream with a few simple clicks of pre-defined tags and data, such as emotions, places, colors or people, and the ability to add your own tags and descriptions
  • Predefined symbols for describing dreams Navigation capability between related symbols Ability to highlight recurring dreams, lucid dreams or a dream series
  • An alarm clock with reminder/invitation to record a dream
  • User-programmable daily reminder/notification to record a dream
  • Ability to browse through the dream journal and edit dreams
  • Keyword search of the dream journal
  • A dream dashboard with stats and information of the user’s dream history
  • Improved dream analysis, “dream tree” graphical representation and stats dashboard
  • Facebook and Twitter login and access yet no privacy compromise
  • Password protected access for maximum privacy

Enjoy your new dreamboard.com!



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