20,000 strong: doubling down on Dreamboard

Pubblished by Dream Team on Dreamboard Inc. News
January 13, 2013

About a month ago, we announced that Dreamboard had reached 10,000 users on the Dreamboard digital dream journal app. Today, our users have doubled to more than 20,000.

To give some context to the progress, it took Dreamboard about 25 weeks to reach the first 10,000 users and 5 weeks to go from 10,000 to 20,000. The most recent 1,000 users joined Dreamboard in the last 3 days!

All the while, the number of tracked dreams and the level of user activity continues to grow at the same rate as the number of users.  This is an important metric to us; it means that our users are really finding Dreamboard’s online dream journal useful.

We are so pleased that our approach to recording, understanding and tracking dreams is resonating with so many people.  And we value the opinions our users share with us about how to enhance Dreamboard’s performance and value.

Keep it coming!

Track your dreams to discover yourself. Make dreamboard.com your destination for recording, understanding and learning from your dreams.


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