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June 19, 2013

Since its launch, seven months ago, Dreamboard has seen a lot of growth, thank to our users and supporters and followers all over the world.
About one month ago we launched the Dreamboard Mobile app for Android, available here and 23,000 users have already downloded it from the Google Play store, starting a new experience by tracking their dreams as soon as they wake up or go to work.

In toto now there are 75,000 users that track their dreams with Dreamboard, discovering more about themself and their unconscious.
If you are one of them please tell us your story and the benefits you have using Dreamboard, you can comment this post or find us on Facebook, Twitter or at this email address: info@dreamboard.com

Dreamboard is already one of the biggest dream databases in the world, with over 130,000 dreams entered by you.

If you want to be part of this growing community of people who want to discover themselves by listening to their unconscious, join us at www.dreamboard.com.

Dreamboard is not only an attractive tool to track your dreams, but it is also a way to gain better awareness of your inner self. There are nine different data fields in Dreamboard that you can fill in, each one of them can say something more about your dream and the way your unconscious works and communicates:

– Mood: a general description, in a simple 3-option scale. Some Dreamboarders are confused about whether they should record the mood during the dream or after waking up and recollecting the dream, the answer is really an entirely personal matter, as long as you maintain a consistent approach.

– Emotions: While you can add any emotion you’d like, Dreamboard prompts you to choose from six distinct emotions: surprise, fear, happiness, sadness, anger and disgust.

– Colors: colors represent a significant set of dream data to collect and study, Dreamboard allows you to log the main colors that come to mind when you think about the dream, suggesting a possible palette by giving you the option to choose among many different shades.

– Role: here you can state whether you are the main character in the dream

– Things, places and People: Here Dreamboard gives you a lot of flexibility to include as many tags as you want. If you have connected your Dreamboard account to your Facebook account, you can easily add any of your friends who were present in your dreams. In addition, Dreamboard treats some tags as symbols, for example water or a road, and it explains symbols and connects them to related symbols.

– Weirdness: The extent to which a dream contains such incongruent situations, attributes and sequences, is the definition of its Weirdness. Dreamboard asks you to grade the level of weirdness on a scale from 1 (Not at all weird) to 5 (Extremely weird).

– Body presence: An important information about dreams is the degree to which you were present in the dream.

– Themes: you can select the main themes in your dream from a preset list or you can add your own themes.

– Narration: The final section is where you have the option to give the dream a descriptive title that is meaningful to you and tell the story of the dream.

Some fields, such as Weirdness, Body Presence and themes, are not present in the mobile app version of Dreamboard, but you can easily fill the fields by editing the dream entry, by logging in the website at Dreamboard.com. This means that, in order to have a better and more complete Dreamboard experience, you can use every device to track your dreams and keep your dream journal updated.

You can edit your dreams as many times as you want by using the web platform but, since our users are asking us to have the opportunity to edit their dreams also on the mobile application, our team of developers is working on it, to offer a more and more enjoyable and user friendly experience to every Dreamboarder.

If you have any suggestion for the edit feature on mobile or something else you would like to have on your Dreamboard, please tell us your opinion by writing your comment under this post, visiting our Facebook or Twitter page or writing an email to info@dreamboard.com.

Meanwhile…keep on enjoying Dreamboard!


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